A senior American FM enthusiast personally test the CZH/CZE-7C 7W FM Transmitter and left a review


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October 10, 2019

Verified Purchase
“2 in a row. DOA.”"how did these sellers even get ANY feedback?”I was rightfully ANGRY, i was charged for one, they sent me an obviously used and abused one (customer return) and immediately contacted amazon who immediately sent another (and charged me for it)

Of course i got that one next day and it too was bad. 0 out put. smelled like a dumpster fire.

Contacted CZH and gave them a piece of my mind. And then they told me the deal. They sell these units in bulk, so they ship maybe 200 to Amazon, who then sends a bunch to local warehouses in their hubs to enable prompt shipping when ordered. CZH hasnt sent any in months, Amazon is the supplier.

Apparently the serial numbers on the ones i got that were DOA were both customer returns, one looked obviously well used over a long period, and had obvious signs of wear.

So what amazon did (it can happen with any big company) was accept the returns as “UNWANTED” and not “DOA or DAMAGED” and then repackaged and returned the dead ones to inventory. So Amazon dropped the ball, or the customer lied and said the items were fine (More likely they cranked the high power up on the included antenna and baked the output transistor)

In my anger over hundreds of dollars and hours of wasted time i jumped the gun, that heated email to CZH worked though, because they immediately contacted me and said that they totally agree with my review, and would i agree to accept one of these directly from the factory in china, personally tested by an engineer?

Well, heck yea i would!!.

It took a week to ship but it arrived from CHINA in one piece, listed as 45 bucks for customs.

Immediately upon recieving it i opened the box expecting the usual DOA or used crap, but this time was different, this was obviously new, still had protective film, no wear or fingerprints all over it. the power supply had obviously been used to test it.

I DO NOT USE the antennas they come with, and i have a yagi tuned 95 to 105 mhz on a tower that has a 1.1to1 match, this unit plugged in DID not power up like all the others, but instead stayed blank. With the external antenna hooked up (LMR 400 coax) and 55 feet up, this one jumped to life on low power. did the setup routine and unlike the others it shut off at the end then rebooted to 100.9 (my chosen freq) and a radio i left on immediately started blasting music, YAY! IT WORKS…

Heres where it gets interesting…. I purchased many different units, including the Retekess 15 watt unit. The audio from this CZH CZE 7C was MUCH BETTER than the $140.00 twice the power Retekess. EXCELLENT mids and highs and punchy but not overdriven Bass response.

Dare i say the CZH Unit was much better? YES. leaps and bounds better than the high powered Retekess unit that puts out 130 milliwatts on low and 800 milliwatts on high (as measured on a Daiwa and Bird 43 meter w 5 watt slugs) This CZH was doing a solid – unwavering 2.550 WATTS on low! So fresh out of the box it was DOUBLE the Retekess unit in low power mode, and 15 to 20 times in high power mode.

Once setup i went on a fact finding mission thinking that this unit was too good to be true, but it is in fact the real deal. I added volume and tones to the input and turned on my scopes and checked the signal quality.


Price: For 50-60 bucks you can cover several miles with a halfway decent outdoor antenna you can take a 100 or so yard signal and hear it for miles…CushCraft, Comet, Diamond, CelWave et al make some decent antennas, the one that mounts on the back is not the best, and on high power will heat up – yes, actually get hot, and the end result will be a smoked unit.

On 100.9 it was showing 100.899! VERY stable considering the lack of real RF filtering. Seems steady on frequencies when it warms up for a few minutes. On low power or high power no difference was noted, and as with any cheap ic device it of course bleeds into other channels. this effect is not noticeable once you are 200 feet away.. so it was out of the box much better than the Retekess units that spray and pray and are way off frequency and drift all over.

AUDIO is actually INCREDIBLE for this unit. Of all the things to be impressed with, the audio from this unit is HANDS DOWN the best of any available on Amazon. crisp highs, decent and not muddy lows, great mids and EXCELLENT 60db stereo separation, you could theoretically broadcast 2 different programs on one frequency by splitting the right and left channels into different audio. e.g, English/spanish for religious services, movies etc…

Actual output power was actually more than claimed. My antenna is a custom built for FM gain antenna with about a 10mhz spread tuned for 95-105 mhz with slight drop 5mhz below or above so it covers the entire FM broadcast band well, with approx 3.9 DB gain.

Low power 88.00 mhz 2.988 watts High power 9.203 watts
Low power 99.00 mhz 2.784 watts High power 9.044 watts
Low power108.00 mhz 2.540 watts High power 8.770 watts

Overall its a great unit for the price. It maintained about 12 degrees above ambient when on, ZERO FAN NOISE at all.. Ambient temp in the office work area is 72, i saw 82 to 85 degrees from this unit on high power, and barely any perceptible increase on low power.

This working unit brought my faith back in cheap China made electronics, they really have stepped up their game, Its a well made little unit that seems to cover all bases (id like to see a unit eventually USB powered with USB communications as well) Unlike the Retekess unit double this price, everything worked. (see my Retekess review of the high out put version with USB and Bluetooth – hint – neither work)

And last, OF COURSE THESE UNITS ARE 100% Illegal to use in the USA and CANADA. Im right (*literally can throw a stone and hit a moose close) on the border of Canada and the USA, so i have to deal with Canada and USA radio stations already clogging the airwaves with garbage music. If you are not DEAD SMACK in the middle of a 200k plus population city you can set it up, use a GOOD ANTENNA to avoid splattering your signal 10 channels up/down. and run at the lowest power possible. Drive In movie theaters have used higher powered versions of these for years with no license and its not an issue. The FCC has not issued LPFM (low Power FM) licenses since 2014, and has no plans to in the near future. If you use it daily and blast filth, people will complain, expect problems. If you use it for movie night or to broadcast Spooky halloween music for your haunted hayride or Christmas display or Church sermon, or your large event, home, property – expect no problems, ever. There is NOTHING you can do to make these units legal to use except obtain a license, which you cant because the FCC isnt accepting applications, and these units are far from, and will probably never be part 15 Type accepted. So do your best to transmit the best quality audio and dont blast a clipping signal to bleed thru other frequencies, and ensure you have everything grounded with high quality antennas/coax cable, and keep an eye on it and clean it weekly to ensure the fan doesnt get loaded with dust which will slow it down, make it noisy, or fail altogether which will certainly damage the unit. And most of all, have FUN with it. i suggest getting the ( Ps4 Voice Changer,Femate V8 Sound Card voice Changer for Xbox/PS4/Phone/iPad/Computer,Dj Mixer With Multiple Funny Sound Effect ) for $17 bucks from seller Fealliance on Amazon, See LAST pic ! it has 8 inputs, 2 mic inputs, several audio ins and outs, dozens of sound effects, audio enhancements and more, run your sound source(s) through it, I have a laptop, digital recorder (records and plays thru the sound board announcements) 2 mics, and a weather alert radio that sounds an alarm thru the transmitter in the event of storms, a foot switch and a headphone/mic setup for live announcements. Great setup!

That being said, best 60 bucks ive spent so far in almost a decade of Amazon purchases.

Product link :https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01JG1QFZW